Katie and me on our last trip together

in San Fransisco 2014

Reaching out for support is truly the best thing

you can do for yourself. 


After I lost my daughter Katie, I needed the other guidance of other grieving moms who knew this painful journey well.

Their experience and knowledge helped immensely.

They gave me the hope that I needed

to survive another day.

Here are the 3 things that you need to 

survive AND help you live again...

Hope + Connection + Support



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It's my mission to change the way grief is

defined and managed

What if there was a way...


  • to live with grief and the heaviness of child loss?

  • to move beyond the pain, beyond the fear, and beyond the anger and guilt?

  • to heal in a way that allows you to remain connected to your child?

  • to cope in a way that helps you balance grief with peace and maybe even joy?

Join me as we explore child loss grief support in traditional and alternative ways to find peace after child loss.

For grieving mothers who want to live again and remain

connected to their child in heaven.

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Mothers who have lost a child face distinct challenges that are rarely discussed. They need a resource that highlights their unique struggles and offers honest, heartfelt advice. In Journey to Healing, it's my goal to equip you with the tools necessary to feel better physically, emotionally, and spiritually so that you can experience real healing and find the strength to carry on. 
xo Lisa

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