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Grief Relief Sessions

~for grieving mothers~

Work through the pain of child loss with a grief guide who is also a bereaved mom.

Grief Mentoring:

Mom to Mom

Talking to someone else who knows your pain can make all the difference.

Goodness knows grief is HARD work.

Whether you have been dealing with grief for years or months it can seem overwhelming and very, very lonely. After I lost my daughter in 2015 reaching out to other bereaved moms is what helped me most.

After Katie died, I sought professional help, but something was missing. It was the personal knowing and experience of other moms that helped me most. I felt a lot of anger and disconnect when professionals would refer to the outdated theories of death, dying, and grief.

Does this sound familiar?

What's a Grief Mentor? 

A grief mentor is neither a counsellor or coach, but someone who shares their knowledge and personal experience with grief and has been on their journey for several years.


An effective mentor can guide your through grief in a friendly and supportive manner, always having your best interests in mind.

Based on my own experiences, I have created an option for moms 

who need support, encouragement, and heartfelt advice to help them with their grief.


I can't pretend that I am an expert in all loss, I do know child loss and work with moms

who are feeling lost and confused after their child has died. 

Together we work through your particular struggles so that you can start to 

find peace and learn to live again.

Here's what I do know...
Not everyone is the same,
so I like to customize sessions to your particular needs and areas of struggle. Your grief experience is as unique as your
finger print. 

While I am well versed on the theories of grief 

I do not integrate them into my practice.

I know first hand that grief is unpredictable and does not follow a time line or pattern. We start where you are and find the tools that will help you cope with your loss.

I practice a client-centred approach which means that we focus on your needs, not what others may expect of you.

I felt an immediate connection with Lisa during our first telephone conversation; she is kind, caring and genuinely concerned about my wellbeing.  She is humble, honest and sensitive, especially to the fact that we all grieve differently.  Lisa has given me some of her experiences and shared her way of coping with different feelings; and has helped me articulate my emotions and give them the space and recognition that help me to cope. 

~P. Peachy Lied Zimmerman

Screen Shot 2020-10-04 at 7.01.18 PM.png
Most importantly, I will encourage you to step forward WITH you child in your heart on every step of your journey.
I do not subscribe to the notion of 'moving on' and 'forgetting'. That is simply not possible. 
The Grief Relief Sessions will help you:


Feel hopeful and encouraged that living is possible again


Determine the strategies that work best for you


Help you move forward WITH your child


Cope with your heartache


Overcome self-limiting beliefs about healing after child loss


Find peace and comfort

1:1 coaching 4 steps.png

Each session, we will work on one step and I will give you 3 actions items to help you stay

on track.

The 4-Step Process I use to help moms cope with child loss so that they can find hope and healing

How it works:

This is more than 'talk therapy'.


We will work through the barriers (real or perceived) that may be holding you back from healing. Often times we don't even realize that we have subconscious thoughts that are holding us back. You will be given activities to work through in between our sessions and you will learn coping strategies to help you when you feel stuck. 

Together we find ways to help you feel more in control and less overwhelmed with grief.

Working one on one with Lisa has given me some comfort in knowing that I am not alone. She helps you understand that you will survive and that you can learn to live again too.
With the help of these sessions, I made the decision to live my life in a way that would make my son proud, honours him, and celebrates the awesome life he lived. Healing is now part of my daily life. Thank you Lisa!

~ C. Roline

All sessions are online via

Zoom or Facetime

Not sure if Grief Relief is for you?

I completely understand.


The idea of bearing your soul about your deepest pain is scary! 

That is why I offer a free 30 minute discovery call for us to get to know one another better and determine if we are a good fit. If you'd like to chat more about how I might be able to support you,

book a free discovery call.

***Please note:  It is required that you complete one of my group programs and read my book prior to working 1:1 ***

$379 USD
for 4  60-minute sessions

If you are ready for find hope and peace, then let's get started. Please register below.
1:1 Grief Relief Sessions

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