Relax & Restore

5-Week, In-Person Class in Regina, SK

This unique, 5-week program can help you find peace and healing on your journey through grief. It incorporates aspects of grief yoga, guided meditation, reiki, and breathing techniques to help ease the ache of your broken heart. Diffused essential oils and candles will help set the tone for healing and relaxation.

This Program Is:

  • Specifically for those who have suffered child loss. It was created and is led by a mom who knows this journey.

  • A unique class that helps with the mind-body-spirit connection. 

  • All about healthy coping and encourages movement to help manage your grief. 

  • A positive space with a focus on supporting one another.

Relax & Restore Is the Right Program If You Are:

  • Tired of feeling lost and lonely 

  • Overwhelmed with your grief

  • Confused about how to heal and take care of yourself

  • Frustrated with programs and professionals that haven't experienced child loss

On my own journey, I have found movement of all kinds to be very beneficial to my healing - both mentally and physically. I have tried everything and anything over the past three years and have compiled my favourite aspects of grief yoga, reiki and meditation into this gentle program.

I truly believe in the body-mind-spirit connection and have found that self-care which supports all of these elements helps me feel hope on the darkest days and helps me find peace in the pain.

As a health coach, I have spent the last 6 years helping women improve their health and wellbeing. Since my daughter died, I have taken that knowledge and passion of health to help support mothers on their journey through grief.

Only $65 for 5 Weeks


$20 for drop-in

Arcola East Community Association - Regina, SK

Tuesday May 14 - June 11, 2019

7 - 9pm

Start taking care of yourself today and register for

Relax & Restore!

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