Journey to Healing:

How to Connect Spiritually and Cope with Grief

after Child Loss

A fully supported 6-week online program

includes guided meditations, videos, Lisa's book,

support group, workbook and more  

to help you manage the heartache of child loss, feel your child's presence, and find more peace 

Do you feel lost, overwhelmed, and broken hearted?

You're missing your child so much, your heart physically hurts

You wish you could see your child or talk to them again

The emotional rollercoaster is exhausting and you don't have energy for the rest of your family

You feel all alone, like no one else understands what you are going through

You are questioning how you can possibly move forward without your child

You feel a loss of hope, happiness, and joy in your life

If this sounds like how you are feeling, this program is for you. It will help you feel connected to your child and other angel moms and will give you the tools you need to manage the pain so you can start living again.


Journey to Healing: Learning to Cope and Live again after Child Loss using my

Signature CARE approach

Meet Your Grief Guide & Mentor

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Hi, I'm Lisa Boehm. I'm the mom of an angel. I lost my 17 year old daughter in December of 2015.


I am also an author and grief guide for parents who have lost a child. I help grieving mothers manage the pain and heart break of child loss and learn to live again by bringing their children with them. I don't believe in moving on without them.

Through personal experience and by working with clients, I have realized that there is a piece missing from traditional  grief support programs and that is the spiritual component.

Only recently has there been conversation around establishing new relationships with our loved ones, yet grief experts are vague on how to create and maintain ties with our children in spirit.

By learning how to open ourselves up to spiritual connection, we are able to begin coping and healing, knowing that our children are still with us.

My spiritual connection with my daughter began just hours after she died in a car accident. Katie came to me in spirit with my grandmother and it was an incredible experience that left me knowing that there was much, much more that our earthly experience. Since then, my connection with my daughter has grown and I have been able to live a full and meaningful life.

I would like to help you begin your journey to healing and find connection so that you can move beyond the pain and overwhelm, be the parent that you need to be, and find peace as you re-connect with your child in heaven.

What others are saying~

Lisa, YOU are what I missed out on 4 years ago when I had no one to go to apart from my sister. I'm so grateful for your program and to have you as a support.

~Priscilla Sinder

What is your grief and pain costing you?

  • Your relationships?
  • Your physical health?
  • Your mental health?
  • Your sleep?
  • Your effectiveness at work?
Wishing the pain away simply

What do I get with the program?


6 modules of learning, exercises, and downloads focusing on my signature CARE approach:

  1. Believe

  2. Connect

  3. Allow

  4. Reflect

  5. Explore

  6. Next Steps


Lifetime access to this online program and future updates

Weekly Q&A sessions with me in the private Facebook group

Workbook to simplify learning and to help reviewing in the future

Private Facebook group in which to share thoughts and ideas and connect with other like-minded mothers.


BONUS #1 - An eGuide: how to create a space for healing using Feng Shui

BONUS #2 - A complimentary copy of my book Journey to HEALING: A Mother's Journey to Navigating Child Loss (*if you already have my book, please message me)

Also included:
Downloadable guided meditations to help you visualize meeting and connecting with your child, move beyond your perceived barriers, and alter your mindset about your healing.
Bonus #3 - just added!
Mindset Masterclass.png

Join Lisa for a 1-hour bonus masterclass to help you manage

  • guilt

  • anger

  • blame

  • shame

  • jealousy

Learn how to manage and release these emotions so that you can open yourself to peace and healing.

Your course allowed me to seek peace and light. I'm forever grateful for you Lisa!  It was also lovely to meet the angel moms in the group. ~ Prithi Nair

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Please note:

This is an 'advanced' program that requires time and some prior grief work. I highly recommend that moms take my Learn to Meditate program first, because meditation is a big component of this program. 

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As I worked through my own grief, I realized that these 4 foundational elements were key to my ability to find meaning and joy in my life again.

Then, as I began working with clients and listening to their struggles, I came to know that connection was what we all desire in our lives as we establish our 'new normal'.

Frequently Asked Questions


What do you mean by 'connection'?

In this program, I use the word connection when addressing the most powerful way that we can create a new relationship with our  child in heaven. Experts agree that building a new relationship with our loved ones is key to healing and coping.


Are my religious beliefs compatible with this program?

All faiths are welcome and respected in this program, however we will not be touching on the specifics of religion. All you need is an open heart and an open mind.


Can you guarantee that I will be able to connect with my child?

This is an introductory program, meant to introduce you to some of the concepts of connection and healing. Like any skill, lots and lots of practice and an open mind are required. Opening up your intuition and your ability to connect also involves lots of daily meditation and patience. Everyone is different. Some may find connection sooner than others. Some may not experience more dreams or communication until after the program, if you continue what you have learned here.


How much time do I need to spend on the program each week?

Each section or unit is broken down into bite-sized chunks that can be worked through if you dedicate 15-20 minutes most days of the week or around an hour one day of the week. However, you will get more out of the program is you set aside a dedicated time each day. As with any new skill, the more time you spend learning and practicing, the better. 


How is this program taught?

I have used several ways to help you through each section of this program which includes video, resources to read, meditations to download and listen to, and exercises so that you can put the lessons into practice right away. Each unit or module will be available each Sunday. And not to worry if you want to spend more time on a unit. You will have lifetime access to this program and can move through at a slower pace, if you like.

PS: If you're having doubts...

I get it. You might still be wondering if this program is right or you. Sometimes you just don't know until you try.

I offer a money back guarantee up to 10 days after your purchase date if you are not happy with the program.

*A refund will be given once proof of effort is submitted.

*Please note - the cost of the book & shipping will not be included in your refund


$359 USD (~$481CAD)

If you are a bereaved mom who is ready to do the work and want to feel a signficant shift in your grief,

then I would love to support you on your journey.

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