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Coping with Christmas: 

Managing Grief during the Holidays - 

An Online Course

How to deal with the pain and
honour your child in heaven. 

The thought of getting through Christmas can seem overwhelming and even impossible.

The Coping with Christmas mini-course will help you:

Plan ahead so that you can manage the rollercoaster of emotions with a sense of control 

Establish healthy boundaries so you can get through the holidays YOUR way

Acknowledge and honour your child in heaven so you feel more connected to them

Create new traditions that celebrate your child at Christmas and all year long


This Christmas will be the 6th Christmas without my daughter 


Katie was the one in our house who REALLY loved the holiday season, so we miss her more than ever this time of the year.

The holidays are a time to celebrate, but what could we possibly celebrate when 1/4 of our family was missing?

I made the decision early on that I would find a way to keep Christmas going in our house. I felt my son still deserved happy memories at Christmas and it became another way to honour Katie's memory.

We have found a way to make Christmas and the holidays about the joy that Katie brought into our lives and her generosity.


I no longer have panic attacks about the holidays because of the way we choose to do Christmas

In this course, I will show you how I navigate all the family pressures, create new traditions that celebrate my daughter, and say no to all the things that don't feel right anymore.

Here's what we will cover:

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Includes a 5-page workbook

for notes, thoughts, and reflections

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After this self-paced video course you will feel:

More confident to say no to the season's pressures

More capable to handle the strains of the holidays

More connected with your child

More prepared to deal with Christmas

As someone who is almost paralyzed  with unbearable grief, I feel that your Coping with Christmas course is very valuable to work through. It has really helped me cope and restore my sanity.

~ A. Roti

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Please join me in this course where I will share my experience and all that I have learned in the past 5 years.

You'll be particularly interested in my

big ah-ha moment 

that changed my outlook on Christmas and how I decided she wanted to 'do grief'

 45-minute video course that is self-paced

$49 CA ($37 US)

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