Coping with Loss:

using the A.C.T approach

The death of a child is overwhelming, lonely and beyond painful, but there is hope.

There is no clear path through grief. It's a journey that is different for every one. The profound sadness that you feel along with the anger, fear, guilt and blame are normal.

This emotional suffering effects of sleep, relationships, physical and mental health, so it's important that we find ways to cope.


There are 3 things that can help you manage the pain of loss - it's the ACT approach. It's an approach that I fall back to with regularity because it's simple and it keeps me from feeling like I'm losing my mind and it gives me a sense of control.

This course will answer questions such as:

  • How can I manage the pain of loss?

  • What can I do right now to help myself?

  • How can I honour my child?

  • How can I move forward with my child and ensure that they are never forgotten?




Upon completion of viewing the video and included materials, you will feel:

  • Hopeful, armed with simple coping strategies

  • Better able to support your partner and children

  • Empowered with skills to help you navigate grief

  • Calm and purposeful, knowing how you can take a step forward

  • Confident knowing your child will always be remembered

  • More in control of your grief


This training includes:

   *41 minute video presentation









Plus BONUS materials:

   *PDF download '"77 Ways to Honour your Child"


   *Audio recording of a mindset shift that saved my life

   *PDF download "How to Create a Memorial Scholarship"







In this training, you will go from feeling lost and overwhelmed to encouraged as you learn to cope and move forward by honouring your child.



I am Lisa  and  I will be your guide. I am an author, blogger, grief educator, and grief guide and I will be sharing all that I have learned and experienced after the loss of my daughter Katie. I am a wife, mother, and child loss survivor and I have found peace in my pain. Connecting with other bereaved moms and reaching out has become my purpose.










What people are saying:

This course helped me decide the best way to honour my daughter and find a new way to embrace life

~ Katherine N.



Coping with Loss:

Using the ACT approach



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