Energy Healing & Grief Reiki

All of my energy healing sessions are conducted remotely (distance reiki), so you can receive a reiki healing from the comfort of your own home - no matter where you are located! We will connect using Zoom or Facetime.


Reiki is amazing for stress & anxiety relief and emotional balance.

Grief Reiki brings deep healing, chakra balancing, increased inner strength and calm.

This holistic treatment modality can also be a way to awaken intuition.


All sessions include a follow-up PDF summary of your chakras and any intuitive information that came through during the healing.

1 Hour Session - $99

Grief Reiki Session Information:

Grief Reiki Benefits:

Grief Reiki & Energy Healing will help you release stress & energetic blockages. 

Benefits include:

  • Stress & anxiety relief

  • Relaxation

  • Emotional balance

  • Chakra balancing

  • Enhances intuition & spiritual awareness

  • Promotes overall wellbeing

  • Helps release fear, guilt, blame and anger

What to expect:

Aside from feeling very relaxed and even a bit sleepy, you may feel warm and tingly, or you might feel nothing at all, but rest assured, the energy is flowing.

Over time, I have developed my own flow to reiki and energy healing. I integrate healing gemstones into the sessions that address your unique struggles and blockages and will also do a 3-card angel reading to help you focus on your healing journey. 

Each 25 minute energy healing session is followed up by a 20 minute discussion of what each of us experienced. 

More about Distant Grief Reiki:

At your session time, I recommend finding a quiet comfortable space to lie down in your home to receive the healing. You will not be contacted by me at the beginning of the healing (i.e. you will not receive a call or email), but I will make an energetic connection with you that will last the duration of your session.

When conducting an Intuitive Grief Reiki Session, I sit in deep meditation and connect to your energy field; I open myself up to allow the Universal Life Energy to flow through me to you during the session.

Conducting an Intuitive Grief Reiki Session is very powerful, allowing me to create a strong connection with your energy and send healing reiki energy to you directly through that connection. I can feel heavy emotions and blockages that are ready to be healed and released no matter where you are located and the reiki energy will flow to you as energy has no boundaries.

After you book your session, you will receive all of the information you need for the session in your confirmation email.

How to get the most out of your Grief Reiki Session:

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothes

  • Find a quiet, comfortable space to lie down and relax for the duration of the session

  • Add in any extras to create your personal healing space i.e. essential oils,  relaxation/meditation music 

  • Hold the intention of being open to the reiki & healing energy (we all have a choice of what energy we receive so this is important)

  • You can either set an alarm so that you know when the session has ended (ensure its not too loud or startling), stay in this relaxed state as long as you like

  • There is nothing else you need to do during your session. You can even sleep during your healing - this will not impact the effectiveness of the session

My first grief reiki session was a pivotal moment on my grief journey.

I walked in feeling stuck and scared and left feeling open and connected.  I learned that in order to allow both grief and healing, the 7 healing centres (chakras) in my body needed to be open to allow energy to flow. My throat and heart chakras were completely blocked which was no surprise after losing my daughter just one month before. I wasn't able to express myself, or truly feel my grief because my throat chakra was closed. The pain and loss had caused my heart chakra to close as well. Monthly reiki sessions helped me release fears, worry, guilt, and blame and helped me focus on my love for Katie instead. After a year of regular sessions, I was certified as a level I practitioner and in 2020 gained my level II certification and became a reiki master with a speciality in grief reiki.

When the chakras are all open we are better able

to let go of what no longer serves us (fear, guilt, blame, anger...)

and open ourselves up to healing and love. 

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