The Katie Boehm Memorial Retreat
for grieving moms Oct 14-16, 2022
(Pre-event fundraiser & retreat info)

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I have found that connecting with other moms who have lost children has been the best kind of support. Then, I discovered the power of connection with horses and how healing it was to work with them.


When I attended a retreat at EmpowerU Equine, I felt the burden of my grief shift and felt encouraged and empowered to continue on my healing journey. Heck, if I could work with a 1500-pound horse (with no previous experience), I could do anything! I want to give other grieving moms the chance to experience the power of this incredible retreat, too.


EmpowerU Equine works with many groups, including those experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, and mental health challenges. Life-changing does not begin to describe this retreat.


No one plans for the loss of a child. The death of a child is said the be the most painful and difficult loss to endure. The cost of a funeral can be devastating and add an immense amount of stress. Often families pay $10000+ for funerals and other costs associated with losing a child, which doesn't take into account lost wages and expenses of counselling services.


Grieving moms are often in survival mode and may not know how they will get through the next day. The Katie Boehm Memorial Retreat will combine equine-assisted learning and grief programming to help mothers cope and manage their pain so they can find peace.


Why horses?

Being with horses forces us to be in the moment. The human-equine connection can be the tool that helps a grieving mom move forward in her grief without it “feeling” like traditional therapy or counselling.


Connecting and learning from horses enables participants to build coping skills while giving them a break from grieving. The ground-work activities help push through fear and awaken confidence.


The funds raised will be used to help cover costs for:


  • Two night's accommodations at the EmpowerU ranch

  • meals and snacks from Friday arrival until Sunday departure

  • the equine program, including approx 8 hours with the horses and two nationally certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitators

  • grief support sessions with a certified grief educator, and grief facilitator

  • materials for the weekend

  • all activities at the ranch


*Tuition for participants usually is $895 per person. However, with your generous donation, this valuable program can be offered to grieving mothers for much less.


See more information about EmpowerU Equine HERE


No donation is too small. Every gift makes a big difference in the life of a grieving mom.




With deep gratitude,

Lisa Boehm