Handling Clients with Care:
Grief Awareness Training
Doctor Holding Patient's Hand

When someone dies,or has just received a terrible diagnosis,it's hard to know what to say or how to best support them or their family.


Professionals of all kinds interact with clients who find themselves in this position, but many fear saying or doing the wrong thing. Some people handle this contact with grace and empathy and some miss the mark entirely, adding to the pain and frustration that accompanies these emotionally charged situations. 

Lisa offers an informative and educational presentation in which she shares the interactions that helped her family after her daughter's death and ways that professionals can most effectively support and assist families with the difficulty of losing a loved one or who have received equally heartbreaking news. 

The goal of this presentation is to give attendees the tools and skills to attend to a patient who is struggling with the emotional challenges of grief.  A secondary goal is to identify grief in your team and yourself as well.



  • Lisa's story of child loss (examples of what was said that helped and what made matters worse)

  • What is grief? And how that might look to clients

  • Myths regarding grief

  • Our role as the supporter (do’s and don’ts)

  • Acknowledging your own mental wellbeing after emotionally challenging situations

  • Self-care & finding the time and space to re-charge

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     This presentation is perfect for:

  • emergency service professionals

  • end of life care professionals

  • nurses and other health care professionals

  • teachers and educational support staff

  • funeral directors and staff

  • insurance companies

  • journalists/reporters

  • support & mental health service professionals