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21-Day Learn to Meditate Program:
A Powerful, yet Gentle Coping Strategy
for Grieving Mothers 

A simple & effective way to

reduce tension and 

help you find peace in the pain.

Surviving the loss of a child is hard 


You have suffered the worst that can happen to anyone and I would like to

help you move beyond the emotional rollercoaster and

feel more calm and connected to your child. 

If you are ready to...

  • Feel more grounded and in control of your grief.

  • Release feelings of being STUCK and OVERWHELMED in your grief.

  • Manage insomnia and enjoy a good night's sleep 

  • Effectively deal with anxiety and panic attacks

  • Find peace without feeling guilty.​​

  • Begin to open your intuition - the first step to connecting with your child's spirit

...this program is for you.

Made just for you

The only meditation program made specifically

for bereaved moms and created by a

bereaved mom 

Only $199 CAD (~$149 USD), plus you'll get lifetime access


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