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My Journey from Loss to Living


I was a content mother, wife, and health care professional until my 17-year-old daughter, Katie, was killed in a car accident. My life changed in that moment. Her death destroyed my family and me. There were times I didn't think we would make it, but we held on and persevered. Over time, I have learned that life can be good again and that there can be joy. 

I was worried that by working on my healing I would ultimately feel less connected to my daughter. I was worried that others might think that I had moved on and that I would end up feeling worse.

All of these concerns where unfounded. I feel more connected to Katie now that I have found peace and feel in control of my life. 

My journey down this path of child loss has not been easy. The pain remains but I move forward by honouring Katie and living my best life for her. One of the things that I have done that has brought me incredible healing was writing a book about my journey. Writing is definitely cathartic.

Nothing will ever replace my girl, but my heart feels more content and at ease when I am able to reach out to those who also walk this path. Over time, I discovered strategies to help manage grief which makes me feel better physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I discuss them in my book Journey to Healing and share them in my programs.Helping others helps my heart too.

Through my roles in oncology and wellness coaching, I learned a great deal about the psychology of change and coaching clients through difficult mind blocks so they could achieve their goals. I am also a certified grief educator. These skills help me support grieving moms inside the "Hope & Healing Together Community" .


​Let me show you the way so that you can find peace and healing too.

More than anything, I love to inspire others and show them that life can be beautiful and meaningful again. You can check out my speaking page here.


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Katie was my first born. She made me a mom. She may have been the most stubborn and determined person I have ever met! If she made up her mind to do something, consider it done. 


She had the most outrageous laugh and she could RANT! Katie was the person that would make everyone laugh.


Katie was in grade 12 when she died and had been accepted into nursing at the University of Regina. She was destined to do good things in her life. She was kind, fun-loving, hardworking, and a little bit goofy too :) 

I carry her in my heart every single day. She is the reason I wrote Journey to Healing. Katie loved helping others and lifting them up. I am positive that she would want me to do the same.

Fun Fact: The 'K' in Lisa K. Boehm is for Katie. K is not my middle initial, but I strongly felt that Katie needed to be on the cover of my book and a part of my journey.

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You can shed tears that she is gone,
or you can smile because she lived. 

David Harkins

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