Out of the Darkness:

Finding the Good No Matter how Bad Life Gets

An inspirational talk for any group 

After her daughter died, Lisa didn't know how she was going to continue on. Life as she knew it was over. After months of darkness and contemplating suicide, Lisa crawled out of the hole of despair in order to support her family and in particular to help her son through the worst time of his life. 

She had every reason to quit on herself,

her family, and her life.

Lisa’s captivating message empowers everyone to find their way past the pain, no matter what their struggle is. She reminds her audience that resilience can be learned, and shares how she was able to change her life by changing her thoughts.

In this TED-inspired talk, Lisa will take the audience on a journey through the twists and turns of the lowest time in her life and her terrifying turning point.


She will share the one thing that changed her life, saved her marriage, and helped turn her son's life around.

Audience members will leave feeling inspired and ready to apply this simple skill to all areas of their own lives.

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