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7 Spiritual Signs from Heaven after Child Loss

Signs of spiritual connection after the loss of a child are both common and controversial.

When your child dies, you miss them with every ounce of your being. You ache to have them back and all you want is one more hug. Some people think that grieving mothers find signs because of their intense sadness, but I disagree.

When I look back on my life, I have always had a knowing and connection to the spirit world.

My grandmother called herself a gypsy and read tarot cards for friends and spoke of the spirits that visited her. When she passed from this world into the next, her spirit visited me. It was the first spiritual encounter that I recall.

That moment solidified my beliefs and was foreshadowing for what would happen when my own daughter died.

When my daughter Katie died in a car accident 22 years later, she visited me in spirit in the exact same way that my grandmother had.

The dark room I was in was covered in dancing light for about 20 minutes. When two figures presented themselves in the doorway enveloped with Katie's perfume, there was no denying that my daughter and grandmother came to let me know that Katie was safe on the other side.

I pinched myself and questioned my sanity at the moment, yet I am 100% sure of what I witnessed.

Since then I have experienced numerous dreams, visits during meditations, and loads of signs from the other side.

Based on my own experiences, I have grouped these signs into 7 categories: electricity, fragrance, creatures, objects, numbers, dreams, and sounds.

1. Electricity. Have you ever picked up your phone and noticed that it opened to a text or message that you didn't have open? Or the lights flickered just as you were thinking of your child? At the precise moment that Katie was being cremated, our phone rang twice with a caller ID that we have never seen before or after that moment.

2. Fragrance. Have you ever been walking down the sidewalk and are flooded with the scent that you know is your child in spirit? This happened to me the night Katie died, in a dream, and also randomly in an empty restaurant.

3. Creatures. Ladybugs, dragonflies, butterflies, bunnies, deer, or any other living thing that brings you a sense of knowing. Oftentimes, the animal will sit calmly near you when they normally flee. Right around Katie's first heavenly birthday a butterfly came into our yard. It sat beside me and gently moved its wings like it was waving. Every so often it would fly in a circle around the backyard then come back to rest near my feet. This lasted almost 30 minutes. I knew it was her.

4. Objects. This might include feathers, pennies, dimes, or heart shaped item like a rock. Even though Katie died in December and all the birds had all flown south, I found numerous feathers - white fluffy feathers too! Some of my findings could have been reasoned away, but one afternoon a friend of Katie's stopped by the house for a visit. We found six fluffy feathers in the house that weren't there before.

5. Numbers Spirit can communicate in the form numbers ~ think digital clocks, license plates, page numbers or any number that is meaningful. A friend and I went to see Theresa Caputo's show. On the way there, I told my friend that I had been seeing 444 everywhere! As those words came out of my mouth, a car with the license plate 444 pulled in front of us. As if this wan't enough, Theresa Caputo gave me a reading at the show and referenced the recurring number and the car on the way to the show that night.

6. Dreams. We don't always remember our dreams, but dreams are a way in which spirit can interact with us. I remember one dream vividly where Katie came through the front door as she often did and said "I can't stay long mom, but I wanted you to know that it's all so beautiful." Then she was gone. I also remember the longest and sweetest hug.

7. Sounds. When certain songs come on the radio or you get ringing in your ears randomly, it is spirit trying to get your attention. The lyrics in a song might contain a message for you. Now when I hear Katie's favourite song Imagine, by John Lennon, I know she is saying "Hi mom!".

When you receive messages from your child in spirit, you just know.

If you think something is a sign - it is!

Start keeping track of your dreams and any other signs either in a journal or a document on the computer. It's wonderful to look back on these experiences, especially on hard days.

Wishing you all many, many signs from your child,



PS: I have also created a a FREE video series for grieving moms that you can request HERE.

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I also saw the numbers 444. I also saw the numbers 444 after my son passed. He was 27 years old at the time of his angelversary date. What did the number 444 signify for you?



it was my first time out to a store..i didnt really look at anybody a song was playing by todd rungrend. the words were hello its me id be there with you if i could . L Myers for my son johnny

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