Self-care Event Recap

Day 1 email -  Energy Boosting Foods

Hi Angel Mama,

It’s finally time  to start -the 5-Day Self-care & Meditation Challenge. You should be seeing this hit your inbox right around 9:00am EST.

Each day I'll send an email first thing in the morning, and then at 12pm EST we'll have our live training  on Facebook Live.  Make sure to join the Facebook Group to get the live trainings.(

I'll also link each email to a Facebook Post so you can comment, leave wins, struggles, and support - the support from one another is always a great way to stay motivated and inspired. 

Now I  don’t want you to keep this training a secret - so feel free to pass it along at ANYTIME. I just ask that we keep this event for grieving mothers, ok? 

Before we dive right into today’s email - I want to give you a quick outline of what this challenge will have you doing.

Each day you’ll I will give you a small self-care task to do plus we will be doing a short guided meditation during the Facebook Live today at 12pm EST. Don't worry if you can't make it. It will be recorded and be in the Facebook group so that you can listen in later.

Today your task is to enjoy ONE energy boosting snack from this list:


  • bananas

  • apples

  • beets

  • leafy green vegetables

  • salmon

  • brown rice

  • sweet potato

  • lentils

  • avocado

  • quinoa 

  • oatmeal

  • hummus

  • eggs 

  • oranges

  • berries

  • seeds

  • green tea

  • popcorn

 Now you might be curious how this is going to help you cope with child loss...that's a fair question.

Tune into today's training on Facebook Live at 12pm EST (or catch the replay while it's live until tomorrow at 12p EST) where we're going to cover the importance of good nutrition when we are grieving.

Once you have enjoyed your snack, don’t forget to head over to Facebook and leave a comment on today’s post with photo of your snack and a comment:

Don't forget to engage and post in the group. I will be giving away prizes at the end of the week for those who are the most encouraging and participate the most :)

On the Facebook Live, I will also be doing a live guided meditation as well :) So you don't want to miss it.

See you on the Facebook Live,

Lisa K. Boehm

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Day 1 - Facebook Live Link

Day 2 Email - Hydrating

Hi Angel Mama,

Today is Day 2 of the challenge and it’s time to...focus on our hydration. Yes, I am talking about water. Not liquids like coffee, tea, soda, juice or wine. Nothing hydrates us better than water. 

Yesterday we ate healthy snacks, today we drink more water. 

Here's what I learned when I was doing research for my book: If we don't replenish our tears and are even a LITTLE BIT dehydrated, we are more prone to depression.Drinking water also helps with mental fog - that has always been an issue for me.

Your goal today is to drink 1.5 Litres (or 6 cups) of water minimum today and post a photo! More is always better. (Hint: your urine should be almost clear when you are well hydrated)

Water doesn't have to be BORING either. If you don't like plain water, here are some delicious and nutritious additions:

  • lemon slices

  • sliced strawberries 

  • sliced Kiwis

  • a bit of fresh peppermint

  • cucumber slices

  • orange slices

  • or a mixture of your favourite.

Once you drinking your 1.5L (or 6 cups) of water, pop over to our Facebook post and share a photo of your water bottle or fancy water (see above ideas) you never know it might just help someone come up with ideas!

Next, you'll want to join us at 12p EST again. I’m going live to share another soothing meditation.

OH! And did I mention prizes? Yes! I will be giving prizes away to those who are most active in the group, encouraging others and participating in the daily self-care activities AND meditations :) So make suer and get involved!

See you at noon!

Lisa :)

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Day 2 - Facebook Live Link

Day 3 Email - Move your body

Hi Angel Mama,

Over the last couple of days you have been challenging yourself to focus on self-care and spend a few minutes meditating.

We all have to eat and drink, so the idea of making healthier choices like we talked about on Day 1 and Day 2, aren't such a big stretch, but what about moving our bodies? Grief has punched us in the gut and zapped our energy, so we tend not to do it. We hate the thought of leaving our houses and possibly running into to someone we know and somedays it seems like we hardly have the energy to have a shower.

We will talk more about WHY moving your body is so important in the Facebook Live today, but in the meantime, your challenge today is to follow this short stretching video. The stretches are all done while seated (very easy!) and this video is less than 10 minutes :) You'll love Adrienne and her dog Benji.

**Please note: I have no affiliation with Adrienne  - who created this video (although I highly recommend her!), or the ads that appear before the YouTube video. Sorry about the ad too. There should only be one. 

Yoga with Adrienne is free on YouTube :) She has yoga videos for all levels.









Take a moment to reflect on how you are feeling AFTER having done the stretches. My guess is that you (or your body) feel a bit better, right? We forget how good it feels to move our bodies.

I haven't challenged you to eat a healthy snack and drink more water today....but I hope you have been, because doing all these things really does help with coping and managing grief.

After you have done the video, take a photo of where you did the exercise (ie: your yoga mat or other space, or.....a selfie of you before, during, or after the stretches) and post in the Facebook group. Please share with us how you're feeling so far! Do you feel good about this challenge so far? (see link below)

Let's band to together and create some massive support!

Make sure you join me at 12 pm EST today for the FB Live and we will be doing a short meditation and talking about the science of movement.

See you at noon :)

XO Lisa

PS: I think you're really going to like tomorrows challenge so make sure and open your email tomorrow morning :)

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Day 3  - Facebook Live Link

Day 4 email -  Fresh Air or a Soak in the Tub

Hi Angel Mama,

Now that we’ve taken a look at how healthy food, hydration, and movement can make us feel better, it’s time to take a break. Yes, you read that right. Rest and relaxing our bodies is mandatory. It's all about balance though - our bodies were meant to move, but they need time to recover too.

Today your task is to....soak in the tub. (**Alternatively if you just don't have the time, because let's face it - we don't stay in the tub for 5 or 10 minutes, I challenge you to get outside for at least 10 minutes....or as long as you like. I suggest a walk around the block, but anything counts as long as you're outside)

However, if a soak in the tub sounds amazing then I advise you to do just that!

For an even better experience, add one or more of the following to your bath water:

  • any of your favourite essential oils (5-8 drops)

  • coconut oil (1-2 TBSP)

  • epsom salts (1-2 cups)

  • baking soda (4-5 TBSP)

  • ???Something else that you have that makes you feel good.

Light a candle, close your eyes and relax.

Now, I won't ask you to post a photo today, but I am going to ask that you post 2 numbers in the comments.

First number = on a scale of 1-10 how you were feeling when you started this challenge, taking into account your body, mind, and spirit (1= feeling beyond awful and 10 = the best you've ever felt)

Second number = on that same 1-10 scale how you are feeling today after completing the 4 tasks in our challenge so far.




Please post these numbers in the Facebook group:

Don't forget to join me on Facebook Live today at 12pm EST and we will dive into thing a bit more and spend a few minutes meditating.

I am so proud of you for sticking with this!

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Day 4  - Facebook Live Link

Day 5 email -  Smoothies!

Hi Angel Mama,

After today - you’re going to have 5 simple strategies that will help you cope and manage your grief. I know that none of these actions will ever get rid of your grief, but they do help you cope. 

Day 5...I can't believe it. Time passes no matter what we do with our time. I like to remind myself that I can be miserable and broken or I can do the things that make me feel better and use my time to honour my daughter and live for her.

Your task for Day 5 is to make and enjoy this magnesium rich smoothie. Why magnesium? It is a mineral that we are often lacking and it can give us more energy AND help us sleep better too!













Here is the simple recipe (for 2 servings):

  • 1 banana (ripe & spotty)

  • 10 strawberries

  • 2 cups of spinach (trust me - you won't taste it!)

  • 1 cup almond milk

  • handful of ice if your fruit isn't frozen

  • *optional* - a few drops of maple syrup for added sweetness

All of these ingredients are FULL of magnesium, so try enjoying them daily (and taking a magnesium supplement isn't a bad idea either).

Make sure to head over to today's Facebook post and let us know that you had your smoothie and add a photo too.

Make sure you tune into our Facebook Live today at 12p EST where I’ll share more self-care strategies with you along with a short meditation.

See you soon!

Day 5 Smoothies!.png

Day 5  - Facebook Live Link