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Lisa K. Boehm's engaging presentations will transform the way attendees think about managing life's challenges and how we can all work

together in difficult times.

Keynote: Out of the Darkness

After her daughter died, Lisa didn't know how she was going to continue on. Life as she knew it was over. She had every reason to quit on herself, her family, and her life. After months of darkness and contemplating suicide, Lisa crawled out of the hole of despair in order to support her family but mainly to help her son through the worst time of his life. 

Lisa’s captivating message empowers everyone dealing with trauma and challenging situations to find their way past the pain. She reminds her audience that resilience can be learned, and shares how she was able to change her life by changing her thoughts.


Because we all face traumatizing events in our lives, Lisa ensures that everyone leaves with an increased understanding of issues including mental illness, trauma, recovery, and wellness and how we can all become more resilient in our lives.

Find out what can happen when we change our thoughts and self-talk. Not only do we survive the worst that life can throw at us, but we can learn to live and thrive again.


Attendees will be empowered to:

  • Overcome self-limiting beliefs about healing and resilience

  • Examine and change their mindset and conquer their greatest challenges

  • Manage their grief, loss, struggles, or perceived barriers

  • Carry on, no matter what life throws at them

An Evening of Hope & Connection

Participants will Learn:

  • That grief is unique for everyone and what is 'normal'

  • How grief and loss impacts relationships

  • Tools and resources to assist in understanding sadness, mourning, anger, and acceptance

  • The importance of surrounding yourself with a community

  • They are not alone

This program will help participants:

  • Identify where they are in the grief process

  • Move forward without moving on

  • Acknowledge and honour their loss

  • Find empathy and compassion for themselves and others

This 1 hour presentation is perfect for agencies who wish to provide extra support for grieving families, such as funeral homes.

Trauma Awareness Training - Handling Clients with Care

When someone dies,it's hard to know what to say or how to best support the family. Professionals of all kinds interact with the bereaved but many fear saying or doing the wrong thing. Some people handle this contact with grace and empathy and some miss the mark entirely, adding to the pain and frustration that accompanies the death of a loved one. 

Lisa offers an informative and educational presentation in which she shares

the interactions that helped her family after her daughter's death and ways that professionals can most effectively support and assist families with the difficulty of losing a loved one. 











In this training, she shares her story and experiences in the hope that she can make difficult discussions and moments more comfortable for all those involved. Nobody likes talking about death and no one looks forward to speaking to a family about a death that has occurred. But there are words and approaches that can take the stress out of these interactions.

Lisa delivers simple tools, actions, and words that can be utilized to better support clients so you can both accomplish the tasks at hand in a calm and effective manner while being supportive and genuine.

Attendees will:

  • Better understand loss and how their actions words affect families

  • Discover clarity on what to say and what not to say

  • Feel more comfortable talking about death in a compassionate and empathetic way

  • Manage difficult situations more effectively and efficiently and feel sincere doing it

  • Learn how to make their job easier and decrease stress 

     This presentation is perfect for:

  • emergency service professionals

  • end of life care professionals

  • health care professionals

  • teachers and educational support staff

  • funeral directors and staff

  • insurance companies

  • journalists/reporters

  • support & mental health service professionals

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