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My name is Jill Cowan, and I am the cofounder of an intensive therapeutic program for those left behind by suicide, called, “Healing to The Max”.  I am a fellow survivor parent, having lost my beloved son Max at just sixteen years old, almost five years ago.


I was introduced to Lisa Boehm by a mutual friend, and was warmly welcomed to join her online support group for mothers of child loss.  I found Lisa’s approach to her grief, very similar to my own philosophy, and purchased her wonderful book, “Journey to Healing - A Mother’s Guide to Navigating Child Loss”.  I found her book to be filled with positive, and practical tips for the bereaved mother !  Each chapter had me saying, “yes, yes, YES !!” and I knew I wanted to make this treasure of a resource a part of my program of hope and healing!


Lisa recently travelled to Saskatoon to attend an open house we had organized on February 19th, 2020.  Lisa’s presentation was well prepared, with relatable ( and inspiring !! ) visuals for our attending mothers.  What I personally enjoy about Lisa’s presentation, is her lovely rapport with her fellow bereaved parents.  She address all the complex issues; from balancing family life, other interpersonal relationships, self care, and everything in between, with honesty.  We teach our program from through the lens of narrative therapy.  Lisa has a progressive, and initiative way of teaching how to live with peace and joy following the devastating and traumatic loss of a child.  Her presentation left our participants feeling validated in their personal trails of navigating their own grief journeys.  Each one of them left with renewed hope that with the right support, they too could learn to live a life filled with greater intention, and joy !! 


The entire team at “Healing to The Max” is looking forward to having Lisa Boehm back for future presentations at our open houses !! This was a highlight for our mothers, and we can’t wait to collaborate with Lisa on future projects, and events!


With Heartfelt Gratitude,


Jill Cowan

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We asked Lisa to come to our funeral home to speak to a group of bereaved parents and siblings from our area.  We found her presentation to be engaging, informative and effective, and we received positive feedback and appreciation from the attendees.  We will not hesitate to ask Lisa back for future sessions.


Gaylene and Mark Matthews

Matthews Funeral Home, Melville.

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Lisa is an amazing human being and speaker. Losing a child is not easy and yet, she transcended the grief and shares her experience so that others don’t feel so alone. She is engaging, forthright, honest, raw and real. You’ll laugh and cry in a matter of minutes with her humour, her warmth and her compassion.

~Tania Bird, 

President of the Regina Women's Network 2019, partner at Uplifting consulting,
public speaker, co-author of The Smiling Mask
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