Understanding Grief

Learning to live with grief starts with understanding grief.

As you know, the heartache that accompanies child loss is frightening, confusing, and messy. It's common to have questions and feel isolated and lost.  

This mini-course will answer questions such as:

  • What is normal?

  • Am I grieving the right way?

  • Why I am grieving differently that my husband or partner?

  • Why do people say the hurtful things they do?

  • How can I possibly survive the rest of my life without my child?

Upon completion of this one-hour video training, you will feel:

  • More at ease about the way you grieve

  • Empowered with skills to help you navigate grief

  • In control as you learn ways to manage your emotions

  • More connected to your husband/partner 

  • Hopeful as you learn to cope with your loss 

Introducing the one-hour mini-course

"The First Step - Understanding Grief"

*includes a supportive worksheet

In this mini-course, I will be your guide - sharing all that I have learned and experienced after the loss of my daughter Katie. 


The First Step-

Understanding Grief Mini-Course


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