The First Step after Child Loss:

Guidance for Grieving Moms

This information packed download will help you:

~understand grief

~manage your emotions

~navigate the pain & overwhelm

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Move beyond the confusion and learn how to cope
after the loss of a child.

This resource will help you

navigate the pain and unknowns

after the death of a child.

The course outlines six areas that grieving mothers

commonly struggle with:

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Heartfelt Advice from a Grieving Mother to Help you Begin Coping

  • Self-guided download that you can work through at your own pace

  • Immediate full access to 6 units of learning

  • Easy-to-use from your smartphone, tablet, or computer

  • Compassionate encouragement

  • Repeat as many times as you like

  • BONUS #1: a downloadable guided meditation to help you relax

  • BONUS #2: How to Handle the Stupid Things People Say downloadable PDF

Special Bonuses

These bonus downloads will help you

process your grief so that you can find

calm in the chaos.

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15-minute guided meditation to help you find moments of relaxation and peace when you need a break from the pain.

Stressed Woman

How to Handle the Stupid Things People Say PDF to help you work through your frustrations when other people say and do hurtful things.

What others are saying...

Each unit is short and concise, which is a blessing for those of us dealing with loss of concentration that comes with intense grief. It gives inspiration, education, and practical ideas for those who walk through the pain of loss.  ~Monika Layett-Olson

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The material in this course helped me really believe that I could survive and it gave me the desire to find keep going. I have found a way to carry my grief, be a mom and wife, and experience life in a way that feels good. ~ T.A. Bernard

Lisa K. Boehm ~ your grief guide

After losing my daughter Katie in 2015, I hit the bottom

of the deepest, darkest hole. When I crawled out of it, I was inspired to

keep the conversation going about child loss so that other grieving parents

didn't have to feel the isolation and confusion that I did.

My book Journey to HEALING was published in 2019 and since then

I have been honoured to work with hundreds of moms like you

guiding them through

the most challenging journey of their lives.

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