VIP Grief Group
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After I wrote my book Journey to HEALING: A Mother's guide to Navigating Child Loss, I knew that I needed to do more to support grieving moms who were struggling with the loss of a child. 

Let's face it - the resources for bereaved mothers

is sorely lacking.

I found Facebook groups rather dark and a little bit toxic sometimes, so I started a small and intimate group that is very encouraging and upbeat (with a few tears!). We meet every Wednesday evening for a LIVE Zoom call where I facilitate group discussions, present learning topics, interview other grieving moms, offer live Q& A sessions and more. 

The Angel Moms VIP Community goes WAY beyond 'support'. This space is all about mentoring, guidance, and education along with connection.

This is not a dark place at all - in fact it is the complete opposite. It is 'positive', forward - focused, and up-lifting.

I invite you to click HERE to learn all the details. 

Grief Support Group for bereaved mothers