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Presentation: Grief & Trauma in the Workplace:
Simple Ways to Support your Staff
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When an employee has lost a loved one, or is dealing with a terrible diagnosis or devastating life challenges

it's hard to know what to say

or how to best support them.


Every single person faces grief, loss, or trauma at some point. And every single employer faces the struggle of supporting their employees through difficult time while ensuring that productivity doesn't drop and deadlines are met.

As a grieving mom, I know how important it was for me to have the right supports in place when I returned to my job after taking several months off after my daughter died.


When supports aren't in place, sick times and absences can skyrocket. The longer someone feels overwhelmed at work, the more disengaged they will be. This reaction and the cycle that ensues is typical when people don't feel supported in the workplace, especially after a traumatic event.   

Lisa offers an informative and educational presentation in which she shares the step-by-step actions that can be taken to help employees and employers alike.

Grief and trauma go beyond the death of a loved one. Divorces, financial loss, illness, abusive relationships, addictions in the home, and mental health struggles are all a part of grief and trauma. We all face grief in our lives. No one is immune.

When someone feels supported, their productivity increases, their sick days decrease, and their quality of work improves. 

Creating a compassionate and supportive work environment can be simple to implement and result in happier and

more productive staff members.



  • Lisa's story (examples of what was said that helped and what made matters worse)

  • What is grief? And how that might look (it's not always what you think!)

  • Myths regarding grief

  • Our role as the supporter (do’s and don’ts)

  • Acknowledging our own mental wellbeing after emotionally challenging situations

  • Self-care & finding the time and space to re-charge

  • Steps to create a compassionate and supportive workplace for those with grief and trauma

Create a healthier work environment that

benefits everyone on your team.

<Virtual or in-person options available>

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     This presentation is perfect for:

  • emergency service professionals

  • end of life care professionals

  • nurses and other health care professionals

  • teachers and educational support staff

  • funeral directors and staff

  • insurance companies

  • journalists/reporters

  • support & mental health service professionals

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