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Book for grieving mothers

Discover hope and healing after child loss

Do you feel lost and alone since your child died? Are you unsure how to move forward? Journey to HEALING answers the fears and doubts experienced by bereaved mothers who want to learn how to live again and offers honest, heartfelt advice.

Author Lisa K. Boehm reveals how to:

  • Cope with your heartache

  • Overcome self-limiting beliefs about healing

  • Determine strategies that work best for you

  • Find peace and happiness

  • Feel hope and comfort, knowing you are not alone


The personal experiences of 31 mothers shared in this book will leave you feeling connected and encouraged to bravely continue on, starting today.

Lisa K. Boehm's life changed when her daughter died suddenly in a car accident, She searched for helpful, straightforward advice, but struggled to find it. to cope, Lisa created an effective approach that has helped her move beyond the pain. She shares her experience in Journey to HEALING.

"As a bereaved mom, I am able to relate to everything outlined in Journey to HEALING

and found myself saying I know exactly what you mean, as I read it"

~ MELANIE DELORME, author of After the Flowers Die


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