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How to Support Yourself and Others

26 Steps to Help a Loved One after Loss


Know what to do and say when someone dies

Death is an awkward topic. Many of us simply do not have the words or know-how to support a loved one after a loss.
This reference guide will teach you what you can say and do for a grieving mother (or anyone suffering with grief) that shows compassion and helps her feel truly supported. 
This e-book will:
  • make you feel more comfortable when talking to a bereaved person
  • teach you many things about grief that our society just doesn't know
  • allow you to focus on your loved one, not your fears and insecurities
  • show you how you can support anyone experiencing grief.
A wonderful resource to share with family and friends to help them support you
after the loss of your child. 
Created by a grieving mother who knows the
journey through grief
I wish I could send this to everyone I know!
This says everything
that I want my friends
and family to know! ~ P. Anderson
Serious Family

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