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RISE Above & Overcome Challenges

when life knocks you over

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Change is part of the human condition and no one is exempt from emotional pain and adversity. Developing resilience is a critical key to not only accepting and meeting a life challenge head on, but being able to get to the other side of it with greater wisdom and strength.


After her daughter died, Lisa didn't know how she was going to continue on. Life as she knew it was over. After months of darkness and contemplating suicide, Lisa crawled out of the hole of despair in order to support her family and in particular to help her son through the worst time of his life. 

She had every reason to quit on herself,

her family, and her life. Instead, she started doing one simple thing that changed everything.


Lisa’s captivating message empowers everyone to find their way past the pain, no matter what their struggle is. She reminds her audience that resilience can be learned, and shares how she was able to change her life by changing one thing.



In this engaging talk, Lisa will take the audience on a journey through the twists and turns of the lowest time in her life and her terrifying turning point.


She will share the one thing that changed her life, saved her marriage, and helped turn her son's life around.

Get ready to change the way you think!


Audience members will discover the simple skill to build resilience and improve their ability to cope and overcome adversity which will make a difference in every part of their lives.


Attendees will leave feeling empowered to:

  • cope with stress

  • overcome challenges

  • build relationships

  • recover from life's setbacks and hardships

  • adapt to change with flexibility



Perfect for
The Workplace/Associations/Schools 
  • Address and support change in the workplace 
  • Empower attendees to embrace change and overcome challenges
  • Discover skills to build resilience
What people are saying:
Lisa is an amazing human being and speaker. Losing a child is not easy and yet, she transcended the grief and shares her experience so that others don’t feel so alone. She is engaging, forthright, honest, raw and real. You’ll laugh and cry in a matter of minutes with her humour, her warmth and her compassion.
~Tania Bird, President of the Regina Women's Network 2019, partner at Uplifting consulting,
public speaker, co-author of The Smiling Mask
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