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Finding Hope & Connection:

Grief Support for Families

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Ideal for any group struggling with child loss

Child loss is lonely, heartbreaking, and horribly discouraging. Grieving families need their feelings and experiences validated and to be heard. Allowing them the space to learn and share can help families begin to feel more connected and less isolated which can lead to more peaceful moments.

This program will help participants:

  • Identify where they are in the grief process

  • Move forward without moving on, in a way that honours their child

  • Acknowledge and honour their loss

  • Find empathy and compassion for themselves and others

  • Cope with the pain

  • Feel connected to other parents 

  • Find strength to support themselves and their families

Sharing coupled with learning helps equip parents, siblings, and grandparents with coping mechanisms and strategies to continue on after losing a child. Hearing  another mom's experience, challenges, and stories of overcoming can encourage and motivate families to work together and begin healing. 


  • Grief is unique for everyone 

  • What is 'normal' when grieving

  • How grief and loss impacts relationships

  • Tools and resources to assist in understanding sadness, mourning, anger, and acceptance

  • The importance of surrounding yourself with a community

  • You are not alone

This 1 hour presentation is perfect for agencies who wish to provide extra support for grieving families, such as funeral homes, support groups, and grief conferences.
~This presentation is followed by an hour of discussion and sharing as well as a list of helpful resources for attendees~

What people are saying:

We asked Lisa to come to our funeral home to speak to a group of bereaved parents and siblings from our area.  We found her presentation to be engaging, informative and effective, and we received positive feedback and appreciation from the attendees.  We will not hesitate to ask Lisa back for future sessions.


Gaylene and Mark Matthews

Matthews Funeral Home, Melville.

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Lisa recently travelled to Saskatoon to attend an open house we had organized on February 19th, 2020.  Lisa’s presentation was well prepared, with relatable ( and inspiring !! ) visuals for our attending mothers.  What I personally enjoy about Lisa’s presentation, is her lovely rapport with her fellow bereaved parents.  She address all the complex issues; from balancing family life, other interpersonal relationships, self care, and everything in between, with honesty. (see full testimonial HERE)

Jill Cowan

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Contact Lisa to discuss how she can meet your specific needs. Click here to send an email. 
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